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cheap international calls with teconisy voip service
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General information about teconisy (FAQ)

How can I register at teconisy?

  • How to start:
  • To register at teconisy, please click on "Register" on the first page of www.teconisy.com.

  • User Input:
  • Please enter your email address which will serve as username/login and think over the password that you will use in the future to login to your account at teconisy. Then specify whether you want to use the service teconisy for private or commercial purposes and fill in all the remaining fields.

  • To activate the account:
  • Once you have successfully completed the registration procedure we send a link for your account activation to your email. To complete the registration procedure, please, follow this activation link within 24 hours.

Note: Please, note that only after the account activation you will be able to login with your registration data to your account at teconisy. This is a quick guide about the registration at teconisy. If you have other questions, please, contact our support team.

Where can I get necessary instructions for the configuration?

To obtain the description of the basic functions and the correct phone settings, according to your data, please, log in to your account at teconisy and click on "Help" at the menu tab. There in the "Help" menu, you will find instructions for phone software or hardware configuring with your data for the personal configuration.

What will I pay for with teconisy?

If you have decided to use teconisy you will have the following services:

  • - There is no subscription fee
  • - There is no conditions for minimum calls amount
  • - There is no payment for the connection
  • - There is no fee for the contract cancellation

Do I need a computer to make phone calls with teconisy?

No. You don’t need a computer. But you have to use, for example DSL, or broadband Internet connection for communication.

I want to check the compatibility of my devices with teconisy. Is it possible?

Yes. You can make a simple test for the compatibility of the service teconisy with your hardware and software. This test will take only a few minutes. For this test you must have the broadband Internet connection: DSL, cable Internet or a private line and a PC with an operating system, for example, Windows.

  • Step 1: Creation of teconis account Create your free account at teconisy.
  • This account does not require a contract, subscription fees or any conditions of the minimum calls amount. First select your country. Enter the credentials (username and password). Now to register at teconisy you need to enter your address and other personal information. Once you have entered all data correctly we will send a link to confirm your activation to your e-mail. Please, follow this link to activate your account.

  • Step 2: The setup of the softphone PhonerLite and the teconisy service.
  • The free softphone PhonerLite is a software that is installed on the necessary equipment, like PC, you also need a headset or a loudspeaker with a microphone. This software can be found in the "Downloads". Please, download this program and follow the instructions for its installation.

  • Step 3: The first test.
  • After the proper installation and configuration of your software phone you will see the words "Start", "Status", "Phone is online: yes." If your softphone or modem-router shows the status "online" and is activated then the first test is completed successfully. In 15 minutes the automatic registration of SIP-proxy will be completed on the server . When you add funds to your account at teconisy you will be able to make phone calls to all fixed or mobile networks.

  • Step 4: Does everithing work?
  • If you have any unanswered questions, please contact our technical support. Email: support@teconisy.com

How can I pay?

You can pay through: PayPal, the service Sofortüberweisung and Bank Wire.

What tariffs does teconisy have at the moment?

At the moment teconisy offers two tariff:teconisy "standard" andteconisy "Package".Tariff teconisy "Package" is only a option.

What price will it be if I am making my telephone call through www.teconisy.com from abroad?

It does not matter where you use your www.teconisy.com service: All calls from teconisy are always tariffed according to the teconisy rates.

How much will I pay calling to the numbers like 0180-1?

At the moment the clients of teconisy cannot call to the phone number 0180-1 ..... 0180- numbers are blocked.

Should I add funds to my account to make calls?

Yes. The calls to landlinds and mobiles as well as the calls abroad are chargeable, therefore you have to add funds to your account.

How can I call if there is no Internet connection?

If you do not have Internet connection or your mobile operator blocks VOIP traffic, you can use our service Callthrough(Calling cards). This service allows to use our service even without Internet connection, for this you just need to call any of the numbers shown on page Calling cards, enter your Pin code and dial subscriber`s number. In this case you are paying for the call to this number (we have a huge list of access numbers, you can choose for yourself the number with the least cost of access) plus the cost of the call where you would like to call according to the tariff.*We would like to assure you that most of the operator`s contracts have unlimited calls to the proper numbers, in this case you have to pay only for the call according to our cheap call rates.

Does teconisy work with the Internet access to 1 & 1, Alice, Arcor, Vodafone, Broadnet, Freenet and others?

Yes, you can use the teconisy service through any broadband Internet. We have clients who are connected to these operators,they use the teconisy service successfully.

What is VoIP?

Internet telephony, IP-telephony, voice over IP, or as it is called at short VoIP. These are the calls through the Internet. The service teconisy uses the SIP-protocol (Session Initiation Protocol), which is widely used in the Internet telephony now. To use the Internet telephony you need to have a broadband connection to the Internet via DSL, cable TV or UMTS/3G. The usual telephone line for the Internet telephony is not necessary. You can use the Internet telephony directly from the PC using a headset, or without PC using the appropriate adapter/device.

A video example of how to register and make the setting