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cheap international calls with teconisy voip service
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How to use teconisy VCC?

How to use teconisy VCC?


If you, as a  registered customer of teconisy.com, would like to use our service for  your land line or mobile phone, we are offering you an additional  opportunity to make your calls via any of our access numbers (see on the  right).

1. Call our access number and wait for the system greeting.

2. Authorize by means of your Pin code*.

3. Dial needed number.

4. Confirm the completion of the number entry pressing hash (#).

Usage of Teconisy VCC is  especially beneficial in case you can call for free to our access  number and would like to call at beneficial prices to mobiles and  abroad.


VCC is an alternative method of telephone connection and  it is especially suitable for the customers, who don`t have the phones  which can make calls via Internet or there is no access to the Internet.


*The customer sets his Pin code by himself in his private cabinet.