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cheap international calls with teconisy voip service
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teconisy.com offers to its clients Webphone on the basis of Flash-technology for all popular web-browsers and operating systems. Via WebPhone you can call from your computer without necessity of softphone installation on the computer and any additional settings of network Firewall or Firewall on your PC.

Connect microphone and headphones or loudspeaker to your computer and you can call straightway.

Unlike ordinary softphones, as Skype, X-Light or Numbuzz you don`t have to install Webphone of teconisy on your computer. Wherever you are, Webphone will allow you to call via VoIP from any computer, which is connected to the Internet. 

While using headset or USB-phone, the user should pay attention to the settings of the sound card.

For better sound quality it is recommended  to use headset or USB-phone during the conversation from computer to computer, by at least one of the members of telephone conversation.