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cheap international calls with teconisy voip service
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If you have mobile internet on your smartphone, you can use VoIP app for VoIP calls, if you mobile operator bolcking voip traffic you can use SRTP mode on you voip phone, it's already activated on CSipSimple plugin on download page.

  1. 1. Click on the "Download"
  2. 2. Select an operating system from your mobile device.
  3. 3. Install an app.
  4. 4. After installation, you set up with teconisy settings

teconisy recommendation!
If you have high speed internet connection on your device, then you dont need voice packets in future of your mobile network operator. You can have virtual Did number mobile internet and teconisy App, your friends or partners can call you bouth with virtual number or number of you sim card mobile number.


  1. 1 Order landline number with us.
  2. 2 Under this landline number can be reached from any operator or internet.
  3. 3 Calls from your mobile device with our cheap international rates .