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cheap international calls with teconisy voip service
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What is an IP telephony?
How works the IP telephony?
How to use the IP telephony?
How to use teconisy VCC?

How works the IP telephony?

With www.teconisy.com you have an opportunity  to make calls easily through the  internet  using our VoIP service. The usual line of communication from Telecom is not necessity. In order to use our VoIP service you only need an Internet connection (for example, DSL).

You can make calls from your existing phone, for example, using the device Fritz!Box or a device of any other manufacturer.

You connect your phone to Fritz!Box or to an other similar equipment and you can call to almost all countries of the world using the VoIP service of www.teconisy.com.

cheap international calls using dsl boxes with  low rates

From VoIP-telephone or smartphone

 You can use teconisy with any VoIP-telephone if there is the SIP-support. You can also use the VoIP-service with free applications Apps for iPhone or Android-Smartphone.

cheap call using android/ipad/iphone softphone with  low rates

With the headset and the softphone on your computer

Using PC with IP-phone or a headset you can immediately start calling with the help of free software such as PhonerLite.

cheap call using windows/unix softphone with  low rates

With a headset (or any microphone on computer)

With a browser ( Firefox 16+, Chrome 20+, IE 9+) You can immideately start call throuth our web based softphone, for this future you dont need install and configure app, you just need click ot tab "Webphone"

call using webphone with cheap rates

From a landline or a mobile phone

If the client temporarily doesn`t have Internet connection or there is no possibility of connection to teconisy.com via Internet, you can use access number to make calls at our beneficial tariff rates

cheap calls without any programs with callthrouth or calling cards