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cheap international calls with teconisy voip service
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  • What is an IP telephony?

  • Teconisy.com  is a cheap way to make calls around the world and a good alternative to the classical communication.

    Teconisy.com offers the quality comparable to the fixed-line quality.

    • Valid fixed telephone number (People can call you as to an ordinary fixed telephone number)
  • • Callthrough ( equals to Calling cards) calls even without internet connection  from cellular through lanline
  • • Call forwarding, voicemail
    • Telephone calls with a high quality level 
    • You use your existing telephone plus adapter
    • Wide choice of softphones (already adjusted to our service)
    • Possibility to call using browser webphone window (google chrome 20+, FireFox 16.0+, IE 9.0)
    • The best implementation  of echo suppression, there is no need to use headphones

  • ... but cheaper!

  • • no subscription fee in the main tariff
    cheap calls
    • no adjustment fee and no special requirements to the usage of services
    • convenience of such functions as, for example, detailed report, call log 
    • calls on the way via apps for iPhone, IPAD and Android
    • can be used on any broadband connection

If you have any question you can access to our teconisy help or teconisy FAQ  pages for more info