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cheap international calls with teconisy voip service
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To call from a fixed line phone

Would you like to call from your fixed line phone abroad and to cell phones? In this case use teconisy and you will avoid big expenses for telecommunication services!

It is not important which connection, telephone or operator you have. With teconisy you will always call at a best price.Call with teconisy Callthrough from both a mobile and fixed phone abroad from a mobile operator`s network.

Call to Teconisy VCC and communicate only at good prices!

To call abroad and in mobile operator`s network- call to our local access number to make your calls with teconisy. If there is unlimited tariff for the fixed network , your call to our local access number will be free for you.

Do you have VOIP compatible equipment (AVM Fritz!Box, Linksys, GigaSet IP-Series)?

Call from a fixed phone abroad and to cell phones directly via teconisy. Just set up your VOIP compatible equipment for usage of teconisy service.

Own fixed line phone number – without connection to a city line!

Don`t you have fixed phone number? But you would lie to be available for other subscribers without expansive calls for them to your mobile phone number? Do you have VOIP compatible phone? In this case order teconisy fixed line phone (virtual number).