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cheap international calls with teconisy voip service
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Over Internet

If you have mobile internet or broadband Internet access, you can use a softphone client, teconisy webphone-or VoIP-enabled devices such as AVM Fritz box, Linksys for calls using the internet

Notebook, PC

  1. 1.Click on the "Download"
  2. 2.Select your operating system.
  3. 3.Install a program.
  4. 4.After installation, you set up with teconisy data


or If you dont want to install a separate program, or currently do not have a device, use our teconisy-webphone


  1. 1.Sign.
  2. 2.Click on the tab "webphone"


Landline phone with the VoIP-enabled devices

  1. 1. Set up a VoIP-enabled device such as AVM Fritz box or Linksys with a teconisy data.
  2. 2. Then connect your landline phone.