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DID numbers

DID is a fixed line number of any country of your choice to which you can receive calls of any operators. Simply said, you can have a fixed line number of any country**even being abroad. For example, being in Canada, you can purchase an Italian or UK DID- number. All things considered for the subscribers, who call this number from these countries, rating will be the same as for the internal telephone conversations.

Advantages of this service are visible.

- the purchase of DID-number will allow to save money if you receive calls from the country where your DID-number was ordered.

- you are not connected to the operator and can use this DID-number everywhere where there is connection to the Internet.

Also, using redirection service, you can receive to this DID-number calls to your mobile phone. In this case the price of the redirection will be rated according to our beneficial tariffs.

**for some countries, for example Germany, the verification of postal address is needed.