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Price for DID numbers

DID is a fixed line number of any country of your choice to which you can receive calls of any operators. Simply said, you can have a fixed line number of any country**even being abroad. For example, being in Canada, you can purchase an Italian or UK DID- number. All things considered for the subscribers, who call this number from these countries, rating will be the same as for the internal telephone conversations.


Country Setup fee Monthly fee To buy
Algeria Free €8.00
Argentina Free €6.50
Australia Free €3.00
Austria Free €2.50
Bahrain Free €8.50
Belgium Free €1.50
Brazil Free €3.50
Bulgaria Free €2.50
Canada Free €1.75
Chile Free €5.00
China Free €12.00
Colombia Free €12.50
Costa Rica Free €4.50
Croatia Free €2.50
Cyprus Free €6.00
Czech Republic Free €2.00
Denmark Free €2.00
Dominican Republic Free €5.00
El Salvador Free €8.00
Estonia Free €3.50
Finland Free €2.50
France Free €1.50
Georgia Free €9.50
Germany €2.50 €1.50
Greece Free €2.50
Guatemala Free €12.00
Hong Kong Free €6.50
Hungary Free €2.00
Ireland Free €1.50
Israel Free €2.00
Italy Free €2.00
Japan Free €6.00
Latvia Free €2.50
Lithuania Free €2.50
Luxembourg Free €2.00
Malaysia Free €8.00
Malta Free €4.00
Mexico Free €5.00
Netherlands Free €1.50
New Zealand Free €3.00
Norway Free €1.50
Panama Free €6.50
Peru Free €5.00
Poland Free €2.00
Portugal Free €2.00
Puerto Rico Free €8.50
Romania Free €2.00
Singapore Free €4.50
Slovakia Free €2.50
Slovenia Free €2.50
South Africa Free €3.00
Spain Free €3.00
Sweden Free €2.00
Switzerland Free €2.00
Thailand Free €6.00
Turkey Free €6.50
Ukraine Free €10.00
United Kingdom Free €2.00
USA Free €1.50
Venezuela Free €12.00
Kazakhstan Free €6.00

Advantages of this service are visible.

• the purchase of DID-number will allow to save money if you receive calls from the country where your DID-number was ordered.

• you are not connected to the operator and can use this DID-number everywhere where there is connection to the Internet.

• Also, using redirection service, you can receive to this DID-number calls to your mobile phone. In this case the price of the redirection will be rated according to our beneficial tariffs.

** for some countries, for example Germany, the verification of postal address is needed.